Nicholas Angelos & Co Solicitors is a boutique firm with a firmly established presence in Sydney spanning over 40 years. Initially established in the City as a wider partnership serving a base of corporate clients, the firm has since come into the ownership and direction of principal solicitor Nicholas P. Angelos, a graduate in law of Sydney University. Managed now as a family office led by the principal solicitor and senior solicitor Andreana Angelos, a graduate in law of UNSW, the firm continues to thrive on the long-standing respect and trust of its clients.

The graphic featured on our home page is a stylised depiction of the office frontage of the firm at the very heart of King Street, arguably the most central commercial leading from the City, and adjacent to Sydney University. Owing to its significance lying next to the pre-Federation Union Bank building, this frontage has been featured in the illustrated work All the Buildings in Sydney.